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XXX hopes to raise Canada ranking in the Global Sustainability Competitiveness Index in future years.

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CSR Tracking Platform

XXX supports the SMEs growth and development in implementing their corporate social responsibility by providing a large supportive network of scholars and professional. We allow our SMEs clients to explore different field of social impacts they can make by constantly inspired them with aspirational contents and introducing how CSR would benefit their businesses.

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

XXX provides a network of professional NGOs, and reputable experts and advocates in different fields, for example, sustainable energy, gender equality, environmental issue, etc., for SMEs to seek guidance and set out target for their implementation work for corporate social responsibility.  


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We Just Make Social Interaction Happen

Corporate Social Responsibility is a “win-win” situation, which raise public awareness of ethical and environmental issues, contributing to the holistic well- being and sustainable development of a society, but at the same time, through companies philanthropy and volunteering, they can increase their brand awareness globally and to build up positive companies images.


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